Our Affiliates

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Current Partners

Together with our affiliates, we bring you a seamless and enriching consignment experience that celebrates the passion and authenticity of the collector's world.

  • British Columbia, Canada

    • Cardboard Box Breaks (Director of Affiliates BC)

      Our affiliate partnership with Cardboard Richard at Cardboard Box Breaks will expand our services to the BC area. We as a company, want to continue to invest in services specifically tailored to meet the needs of hobbyists from Canada. Less cross-border shipping, no custom fees, no conversion fees, and no stress. Having someone with the calibre and integrity of Richard apart of our team will give those in the Vancouver and surrounding areas the opportunity to drop off their consignment submissions locally. Furthermore, entering breaks at Cardboard Box Breaks will now have the feature to liquidate your hits with a quick turnaround through our services.

  • Alberta, Canada

    • Sports Card Live (Director of Affiliates AB)

      Jeremy Lee is a Lifelong collector of over 40 years, host of the Sports Cards Live YouTube show and podcast, and Business Development for TAG Grading. Jeremy will be servicing the Province of Alberta.

    • Evan Harroun

      Evan Harroun has had a passion for collecting cards for as long as he can remember. For the past 5 years or so, he has been an active member on social media, through his Instagram account @yychockeycards and by travelling to in-person shows, visiting numerous Canadian and American shows. Evan is stationed in Alberta, Canada, and will be taking in consignments across the province.

  • Ontario, Canada

    • Total Sports Cards & Collectibles

      Grant Paterson and GP provide some of the best breaks across Canada. With a thriving YouTube channel and a loyal following of customers – GP can help customers liquidate their hits in real time. GP is in the Greater Toronto Area (Lakeshore), offering a drop-off service for locals at Total Sports Cards & Collectibles. Go check out his breaks, as Grant is always breaking the hottest products. Any hit from GP can be liquidated and put in auction within a few days!

    • Top Prospects / Hope Club Collectibles

      Cyril and Frances have quickly become integral pillars of the Canadian hobby industry and we are extremely excited to have them partner with Slab Sharks. Top Prospects is located in the GTA (Etobicoke), offering a drop-off service for locals and direct consignment service at shows across the country. Go check out their breaks and fantastic community and their store, Hope Club Collectibles.

    • KD Collectibles

      Kevin is well known in the industry for providing exceptional customer service. His group Pokémon Cards Canada : Buy and Sell is one of the top groups in the country. Kevin also runs a premier PSA submission service. We’re excited to have Kevin on board to expand our auctions with more Pokémon items for our customers!

    • Elite Cards Toronto

      Elite Cards Toronto is a family-run business built by two brothers, Christopher and Daniel Dirracolo and their father, Sam Dirracolo. They are determined to utilize their passion and knowledge of sports cards to serve the public. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the sports trading card industry, Elite Cards vows to offer top-notch services. They carry a variety of products from all sports and pride themselves on fair prices and exceptional service.

    • 416 Cards (Director of Affiliates, Ontario)

      Hockey has been an integral part of Chris’s life since childhood. With over 15 years dedicated to playing the sport and amassing a collection of hockey cards, it has become a defining aspect of his identity. Fond memories of his youth are centered around visits to Comic Connection, the local hobby shop in Oakville. There, he would lose track of time exploring value bins, hunting for cards featuring all-star and Hall of Fame players to complete his home binder. The golden era of the 2005-2006 dual rookie class, starring Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, left an indelible mark on his passion for collecting cards. Over the past 15 years, Chris consistently nurtured this interest, evolving from an enthusiast to a prominent dealer in the field. His expertise now lies in modern hockey cards. Chris will lead the Ontario initiative in providing Slab Sharks services accessible to all in across the province.

    • 204 Breaks

      One of Canada’s longest running and most reliable group breakers, breaking for over 9+ years. 204 breaks all major sports and TCG products, from single boxes to multiple cases. Join 204 Breaks via their website, or their very prominent Facebook group.

    • SWS Cards (Husam Mahmood)

      As a devoted card collector and investor based in Brampton, Husam has spent most of his time searching for hidden card treasures. In addition to his responsibilities at Slab Sharks Inc as an operation assistant, Sam has organized successful shows and trade nights in the Brampton community. Sam has also been involved in fundraising initiatives for the SickKids Foundation, where he combined his passion for card collecting with charitable contributions.

    • ND Sports Cards

      N.D. Sports Cards is an authorized PSA cards group submitter located in Vaughan Ontario. N.D. take pride in submitting their clients’ cards and ensuring they will get the best possible results and experience through the services that they offer. N.D. look over every card, wipe them down, and place them in a new penny sleeve and semi-rigid before shipping them out. They treat your cards like our own. With the Slab Sharks partnership, submitters can now easily sell their cards after receiving their grades!

    • WaxBox Club

      Wax Box Club stands as Vaughan’s premier destination for trading cards and collectibles. Our store proudly showcases an extensive selection of sports cards, hobby boxes, and retail products. With our commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on being your ultimate go-to shop for all things related to trading cards and memorabilia.

    • The Loud Collector

      Phil is The Loud Collector! A hockey card content creator on YouTube and Instagram. Phil has been in the hobby for many years. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them find their lane in our multi layered robust hobby. Phil also thoroughly enjoys connecting buyers and sellers together where everybody wins. Phil is located in the Ottawa region and is willing to drive a 150km radius from Ottawa to pick up your high-valued Slab Sharks consignments.

    • SlabShot SC

      SlabShot Sportscards is the product of a childhood love for collecting and a passion for networking. Slabshot SC has worked closely with partners across southwestern Ontario. Stationed in Windsor Ontario, SlabShot SC has you covered for Slab Sharks consignments in the southwestern regions of Ontario.

  • Quebec, Canada

    • Greg Lanctot, Show De Cartes (Director of Affiliates, Quebec)

      Show De Cartes has quickly become one of the top tier podcasts in our industry. In our commitment to Quebec, the French-speaking community, and the hobby at large, Slab Sharks is excited about our partnership with Show de Cartes and Greg Lanctot. If you’re a Quebec resident, head to any of our Quebec affiliates to directly submit cards in the province. If you don’t find Greg at Stakk Sports Cards, you’ll find him hosting a podcast, or training harder than Arnold himself.

    • United Collection

      United Collection is an up-and-coming premier hobby shop. Located in Chicoutimi, Quebec – United Collection will be a premier location to drop off your consignments for our Slab Sharks eBay services in the Chicoutimi area. Antoine Froment is a young star in this hobby and wonderful to work with. UC is also able to set up pick up services for any high-end cards in the surrounding areas.

    • TW Sports Cards

      In many ways, TW Sports Cards started when the founders were only 5 years old. Years of dreaming, imagining, and nurturing the passion for hockey and specifically, hockey cards, let to a fun project – opening a hobby shop only 8 years ago. Beginning on Belanger Street in Montreal, in a very modest establishment on November 1, 2015, TW Sports Cards has blossomed with locations in Charlemagne, Quebec, and has becomce one of the renowned hobby stores in Quebec!

    • La Tornade

      Sports la Tornade is located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.

      Sports la Tornade is a proud Diamond Dealer offering a wide variety of products from all your favourite collections.

      Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Pokemon, Magic, and Formula 1 are some of the products they are happy to offer you.

    • Heaters

      Established in Quebec City, Heaters is a breaking company that was founded in 2020. It distinguishes itself with a daily and dynamic live approach incorporating visual effects and animations with each show starting at 8pm, without ever knowing when the stream will end. With nearly 20,000 followers across all platforms, Heaters is a well-known commodity in the hockey card world in the province of Quebec. You can find them in nearly all sports card events across Canada as well, often showcasing their best hits as well as their personal collection.

  • New Brunswick, Canada

    • LTS Collectibles (Director of Affiliates, Eastern Canada)

      Sylvain Cormier at LTS Collectibles is a vendor based out of Moncton NB. He regularly sets up at the local Moncton shows, as well as the shows in Halifax, NS. Sylvain is passionate about giving the absolute best customer service and connecting collectors with something they will cherish. If you’re in the Atlantic region and are looking to consign your cards with Slab Sharks, make sure to stop by his booth at one of the many shows he attends and he will be happy to help you with our process! LTS helps admin Slab Sharks Atlantic Canada on Facebook

    • From The Bench

      Eric is the creator of the YouTube channel FromTheBench, a channel that revolves around the hockey card hobby. FromTheBench brings a bunch of different content to the hobby such as, opening boxes, PSA grading reveal, card show vlogs and talking about the hockey card hobby. Eric’s goal is to try and bring the best content that he possibly can to this hockey card hobby.

  • Nova Scotia

    • Strictly Canadians

      Strictly Canadians is run by Jeff Jones located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jeff has been a long-time collector of sports cards for 33 years. He also runs the Facebook group Strictly Canadians, which has been around for roughly 8 years. Jeff and Strictly Canadians will be able to bring the Slab Sharks services to the Atlantic, Canada region. Jeff Jones at Strictly Canadians helps lead the Slab Sharks Atlantic Canada group on Facebook

Our Program

Are you passionate about sports cards and collectibles? Do you have a dedicated following or platform within this niche? If so, join our affiliate program and become a vital part of the sports card and collectibles community in Canada.

  • Lucrative Commissions:

    Earn attractive commissions for every successful sale generated through your affiliate efforts, turning your passion for collectibles into a profitable venture.

  • Exclusive Promotional Materials:

    Gain access to a suite of professionally designed marketing materials, including banners, flyers, and content, to make promoting our services seamless and effective.

  • Trusted Partner:

    Associate with a reputable and trusted consignment service, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness among your audience.

  • Collaborative Opportunities:

    Collaborate on marketing campaigns, contests, and promotions to engage your audience and boost your earning potential.

  • Community Engagement:

    Become part of a vibrant community of affiliates and collectors, fostering connections and shared experiences with like-minded individuals by attending shows and representing the Slab Sharks brand for consignment drop-offs.

  • Flexibility:

    Work at your own pace and on your own terms as an affiliate as long, allowing you to integrate your promotional efforts seamlessly into your existing content or online presence.

  • Unlimited Earning Potential:

    There’s no cap on the commissions you can earn, providing the opportunity to grow your income as you continue to refer collectors to our consignment service. Join us in celebrating the world of sports card and collectibles while turning your passion into a rewarding partnership.

  • Interested?

    If you’re interested in joining the team as an affiliate, please reach out to us at support@slabsharks.com or press the button below.